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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Captain Jim. He is more than happy to address your concerns. Before calling or filling out the form listed on the bottom of this page, we encourage you to read through our list of FAQ's. You may discover we have answered your question below. 

  • How many passengers can the charter accommodate?
    Maximum of 6 passengers per trip. Note: The price reflects the trip length, not the number of passengers on board. Example: The price is the same whether we are taking 1 person out for 7 hours or 4 people out for 7 hours. There is an additional $150 per person after 4 guests.
  • What are the trip rates for Wicked Hooker Charters?
    7 Hour Trip - $950 per group, additional $150 per person after 4 guests. 9 Hour Trip - $1,250 per group, additional $150 per person after 4 guests. 10 Hour Trip - Deep Bottom (most popular) - $1,400 per group, additional $150 per person after 4 guests.
  • Which amenities are available onboard with Wicked Hooker Charters?
    When you book a trip with Wicked Hooker Charters, you can expect the following amenities onboard: Toilet Porta-potty below center console GPS Fish finder Live Bait Well Outriggers Ice Box Radar Water bottles
  • What happens if there’s inclement weather?
    When it comes to weather impacting your trip, this is ultimately at the discretion of the captain. Once your charter group has boarded and the trip has begun, the trip cannot be refunded. If there is hazardous weather forecasted, your captain will monitor it closely and reach out on the morning of your trip if the conditions are unsafe: for example: wind gusts over 15mph and wave heights over 3 feet. If the customer is insistent on the voyage and we attempt to go out, the trip is non-refundable.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Cancel within 5 days of your scheduled charter and you will receive 100% of your deposit back, guaranteed. *Note: 3% Processing fees deducted from refund.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Cash is preferred. Other methods accepted: all major credit cards (5% fee added), checks, Venmo.
  • What happens if passengers get sick out at sea?
    Sea sickness can be a common occurrence. Necessary precautions should be taken. Note: Wicked Hooker Charters does not offer refunds in the event one or more group members experience sea sickness.
  • What's included in the trip price with Wicked Hooker Charters?
    Trips booked with Wicked Hooker Charters include: Rods, reels & tackle Live Bait Lures Catch cleaning & filleting Drinks (Water) First Mate Fishing License
  • What types of fishing does Wicked Hooker Charters offer?
    Wicked Hooker Charters offers the following types of fishing: Nearshore Fishing – up to 15 miles off the coast Offshore Fishing – 15 miles to 60 miles off the coast Reef Fishing – live bottom - fishing (corals, plant-life) Wreck Fishing – your captain will take you to artificial and/or natural reefs above shipwrecks in the Atlantic. Furthest one out is 40 miles. We often explore more than one location in search of fish. Deep bottom – up to 150+ feet of water. 10-hour trip minimum.
  • What fishing techniques does Wicked Hooker Charters offer?
    Wicked Hooker Charters offers the following fishing techniques: Light Tackle Heavy Tackle Bottom Fishing Trolling Spinning Jigging Drift Fishing Deep Sea Fishing
  • Which fish species can I catch with Wicked Hooker Charters?
    Top targeted fish species with Wicked Hooker Charters include: Amberjack Barracuda (Great) Cobia - spring Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) - summer Flounder Grouper (Scamp) Gag Grunts King Mackerel (Kingfish) Porgies Redfish Spanish Mackerel Seabass (Black) Shark (Blacktip) Snapper (Vermilion) Triggerfish (Gray)


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