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Explore the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean where you and your fellow anglers are encouraged to choose your own adventure. Whether you're interested in traveling up to 15 miles off the coast to enjoy a day fishing nearshore or your adventurous spirit would like to wet your wicked appetite and hook fish while deep sea fishing, Wicked Hooker Charters offers experiences to satisfy.  

Nearshore Fishing

We will charter up to 15 miles off the coast.



Nearshore fishing is a broad category of saltwater fishing that takes place between the waters past the jetties, beaches, and bays and the offshore drop-off. This type of fishing borrows a lot of techniques from both inshore and offshore fishing because many of the fish species and environments overlap.

Offshore Fishing

We will charter 15 miles to 60 miles off the coast.

Offshore fishing is a popular category of fishing that happens miles from shore while chasing the biggest sportfish in the world. This category of saltwater fishing takes place in deep water (hence why it's often called deep sea fishing) and provides anglers with unmatched action.